My name is Trish and I love people.  I love people who make me laugh and people who love to talk, analyze and share insights about the “why’s” of life.  I love to give hugs, too.  Generally, I am a very happy person.

I am a wife to one of the most understanding, forgiving and gentle souls on the face of this planet.  He loves me for me and allows me to be me – unconditionally.  He holds me when I have my “moments” and works very hard to understand me when I’m “out there” and all over the place.  He has accepted my past and has gives me the time and space to work through my issues.  God truly blessed me with a wonderful man.

I am a mom to a sweet little guy we adopted when his mother passed away with a brain tumor.  One of these days, I’m sure I’ll be writing about our adoption story.  To read more about his story or to help his biological grandmother who is raising his five brothers, visit http://www.vargasboys.com.  It’s truly a story that will touch your heart.

I am a previous foster mom to several sweet girls.  My husband and I were foster parents for about five years, that lead to our “shared” daughter.  She came to us when she was four months old and when she was returned to her mother at 15 months old, I felt I’d lost a part of me.  Her mother graciously “shares” her with us and says, “she has two mommies”.  By all other accounts, she is ours.  She has a room here, she calls us mommy and daddy and we support and mentor her whenever the opportunity arises.  I’m so grateful to her mother for her open and willing heart because we share so many blessings with this sweet little girl.

I am a previous foster child and have a passion for helping children in need.  I also lived in two group homes until I was almost 14.   I feel I relate to many of the foster children today as I am very familiar with the inner turmoil I struggle with when I remember the craziness of my childhood.  I know and still fight the effects of abandonment.  I struggle with goodbyes and the immediate feelings of loss when in the moment.  I am often haunted by the loneliness that overcomes me despite the wonderful friends that surround me.

I am a high school dropout who returned to school — several times.  I quit school at age 15 and moved out from home at age 16.  Later, a mentor helped me return to school and I later graduated at the top of my class, put myself through college without parental support.  Later I earned my Master’s degree, too.  I’ve even thought about going back for my doctorate or a second Master’s in the counseling field…we’ll see where God is leading me.

I am blessed child of God.  I have a strong faith in Christ and believe without a doubt he will use my story to help and heal others.  I wouldn’t wish to re-live my life nor would I wish it upon anyone else; however, I know that I am the confident, well-balanced and independent woman I am today because of the obstacles I’ve overcome.  I couldn’t have survived without my faith in Him or the mentors he placed in my path along the way.

I am an author.  I wrote a 30-Day devotional called, Dump Your Junk: 30 Days to Quiet Leadership.   Each day, the reader is offered a scripture with a small paragraph to ponder.  Following that are some self-reflection questions and a guided prayer.  This book does a great job teaching us how to get rid of the drama and trauma that holds us back from becoming leader for Christ and encouraging us to share and become leaders in our faith.

I am a teacher.  I taught high school for 15 years and coached competitive Speech and Debate during that time, too.  I loved my time as a public school teacher, but always felt God was leading me in another direction.  I left teaching to work part-time for a small web-based company, so I get to work from home and still train/teach virtually.

I am a certified life coach.  After I left teaching, I began to pursue the other options I felt God was leading me — more about giving and helping others, so I became a Certified Life Coach.  I’ve used these skills to help others find direction and make successful career choices.  You can check out my website for Graduation Coaching.

I am a survivor.  I am a survivor of sexual abuse, child abuse, abandonment, and many other challenges.  I believe in talking about it and using my story to help others deal with the many challenges and effects.  I believe in therapy and have completed about 25 years most of it with a brilliant therapist who helped me learn to stay “Present”.  I go back for tune-ups whenever needed.

Many have asked me how I’ve survived and succeeded.  With the odds against me, it’s surprising that I end up down a much different path.  As a result, I’m writing this blog, Rising Out, to share my story, some of my ideas, the voices in my head and my secrets to surviving.

I have two cats and a dog.  I love my fur babies and appreciate having them close by and keeping me company. I may randomly share about my fur-kids, too.

I love hearing from you about your struggles, your ideas and insights, too.  I look forward to getting to know you and laughing through it as we “rise out” together.

Hugs to you all!



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