Teaching Compassion through M & M’s

Do you like candy that melts in your mouth and not in your hand, or the kind that you like to carefully dissect and eat them flavor by flavor?   Do you generously share your candy, or are there some you secretly and selfishly keep to yourself?  Do you take time to consider whether others around you might want “just one bite” of your mouthwatering goodness?

We like to teach our children about sharing, but how good are we at sharing what we secretly desire and crave?   It’s difficult to teach my three year old how to share toys let alone share his candy.  For me, it’s about teaching him to look at life from someone else’s perspective. How would he feel if he was left out of the game?  How would he feel if he had to watch the other child eat candy and couldn’t have any?

Mars Inc., did a great job of helping us look at life from another perspective in this M & M’s commercial.

Can we as parents use this commercial to teach compassion to our kids?  Does it help us “walk a mile in someone else’s shoes”?

How do you teach your kids about sharing or having compassion?


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