National Foster Care Month

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May is National Foster Care Month, and this is something close to my heart because I relate to the 1000’s of children living in foster care now. I lived in a children’s home from the age of 9 until I was 13. I know what it feels like at a very young and tender age to be moved away from my family and not truly understand why. I know what it feels like to be scared and long to hear from my family. I know what it feels like to want my mom despite what ugly things happened at home. It’s isolating, it’s scary and it’s not fair to any of these children in the system!

Many of us live our daily lives and never think of these kids in foster care.  Some of us live with the memories and the stories.  I am now (after developing a very strong faith in Christ and years of therapy) able to say I am blessed. I have found the many blessings among the hatred, abuse, strangers, new homes, isolation and feelings of loneliness. I overcame and somewhere deep inside me my inner survivor is cheering because I prevailed!

Why and how?

I will be sharing more of my story during the month of May as we celebrate the heroes of foster care, hear stories similar to mine and learn how we can help.

Please don’t hesitate to share your story, too.  If you’re a foster parent, foster child, social worker, guardian, or mentor…please follow along and share your story, too.


2 thoughts on “National Foster Care Month

  1. The huge number of children in the system is heart-breaking. Something needs to be done to restructure it so it’s more positive and productive for them.

    • Yes, I’d agree with you — there are always changes needed to help make a better, more positive and productive system. In the meantime, though, I think it’s important that some of us can help the kids that are being affected by the system and by their parent’s choices. Then, one more child has a positive role model. Thanks for your comment, CoffeDiva.

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