My Little Super Hero Teaches Me A Lesson

Yum! I  had angel hair pasta boiling, broccoli steaming, homemade Alfredo sauce simmering and chicken, onions and garlic sauteing when I was abruptly interrupted by an urgent spy mission! Little did I realize, I was about to enjoy one of the most fun lessons of my life. I’m always on the search for new ideas and things to do with my son where he can expend his  energy and rambunctiousness, and I think I hit the jackpot yesterday. 

 I was excited when I read an article about how to raise an imaginative child. As a former teacher, I know just how important it is to foster a child’s creative ability through imagination and dreaming.  Television and video games, when overused, rob children of these vital and precious skills.  At this age (my son is 3), their imaginations are so impressionable and open to creative ideas, so I decided we would go on an adventure. I didn’t have a very playful childhood so now I’m learning how to be playful through my son’s eyes, and I’m having the time of my life.  It feels scary. It feels silly.  It feels empowering.  All at the same time.

We pushed the pause button on dinner preparations and went on a mission…to find the purple jungle monkey.  We tip-toed down the hallway, into my son’s bedroom and were immediately whisked away into the colorful jungle (we made sure to keep whispering so we could sneak up on it)…we quietly opened the closet door and OUT HE JUMPED!!!  We used our “super powers” on the very large purple monkey…then he started chasing us!  Ahhhh!!! We ran screaming out of the jungle and to the seashore and frantically climbed into the awaiting submarine (in my walk-in closet).  We made sure to seal the hatch (he had to close the door tight — it was so cute to see him in action) and quickly learn how to drive the thing…what a bumpy ride, but we got the hang of it shortly.  After it was clear we made it to safety, we pulled down the periscope and took a peek…the purple jungle monkey was gone…whew, safe!  But…oh wait! There was a pirate chasing us…back down under the water we dived…and the adventure continued for another 20 minutes…even enticing daddy to scurry away from the creature and get in on the excitement!  We were having simple, creative, imaginative fun!  Proudly, I kind of liked it.  Now I wanna work on thinking up some fun (age appropriate stuff for our upcoming missions).

When I have my “gotta get it done” mom hat on, I may tend to over think things a bit (okay, a lot), and in typical fashion I was pondering all the work I needed to get done.  After all, I was in the middle of cooking my husband’s favorite dinner, but making time for my little Super Hero was not only very urgent for him, but it was also very important to me.

I’m so appreciative of the Internet—I’m able to learn so many cool ideas for how to parent my son. I know I never played spy games with my parents, house parents or guardians, so what a fun adventure this will be for all of us.  I hope he’ll fondly remember these games and we can all laugh about them later.  Nonetheless, I’m sure my therapist will be proud of me for getting in touch with my inner child, living into it and growing through it all through my little super hero’s eyes.  I love a great lesson, especially when it’s fun!

Do you ever play make believe or pretend games with your kids?  Tell me about your fun times, maybe I can learn from you, too.

Until our next adventure…If you look hard and long enough you’ll find the magic in life through a child’s eyes.


To read more on the article about How to raise an imaginative child, click here ->


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